​Oral Testimony Power Point

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Questions to Consider:

PowerPoint Presentation

Condense your written testimony into a 5-minute-long recorded oral presentation. Create a 5-slide PowerPoint to present a structure to guide your recording. Follow this structure for your presentation:


  • Introductory remarks: Includes acknowledgement of committee chair and members, your credentials as the person preparing the testimony, and the organization you are representing.
  • Background: Brief statement regarding justification for the proposed policy.
  • Specific aspect of the issue: Summarize key points of the desired outcomes from the proposed policy with cited references. Provide a summary of current interventions for your specific issue and why additional action is needed.
  • Recommendations: Provide specific recommendations for the committee and those being implemented by the special interest group.
  • Concluding statement: One or two sentences summarizing why the committee should consider your proposed policy.
  • Closing: Thank the committee for the opportunity and note your availability for additional discussion or questions.


  • Longest, B. B., Jr. (2016). Health policymaking in the United States (6th ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press. Available from the Bookstore.
    • Chapter 9, “Policy Modification,” pages 259–287.


These government web sites have information about available health policy and hearings that might be helpful in understanding how policy hearings are conducted and who is involved.

Presentation Resources

Additional Resources for Further Exploration

You may use the following optional resources to further explore topics related to competencies.

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