Maslow and Rogers quiz

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This is a 10 question quiz, I have answered questions 2 and 4

Question 1

Conflict between the self and the organism is called

Select one:

a. defense.

b. reintegration.

c. congruence.

d. incongruence.

Question 2

In the hierarchy of needs model, which of the following would help satiate basic needs?

Select one:

a. The internet

b. Self esteem

c. Food •

d. Self-actualization

Question 3

Maslow believed that peak experiences are common to everyone. What are some of the pathways to these experiences?

Select one:

a. Habitual activities like sleeping and eating

b. Anxiety-filled visits to the dentist

c. Music and social experiences

d. Drugs and alcohol

Question 4

Needs for oxygen, water, food, sleep, and sex are examples of

Select one:

a. physiological needs.•

b. safety needs.

c. instinctual needs.

d. basic needs.

Question 5

Rogers advocated empathy, unconditional positive regard, and ________ as the major healing processes, both in therapy and life.

Select one:

a. genuineness

b. creativity

c. oneness

d. cheerfulness

Question 6

Rogers emphasized the importance of congruence. In this, he echoed which goal of psychoanalysis?

Select one:

a. Analyzing slips

b. Interpreting dreams

c. Reducing cognitive dissonance

d. Reducing intra-psychic conflict

Question 7

The ability to perceive someone else’s internal experience as if it were one’s own is known as

Select one:

a. assimilation.

b. adaptation.

c. empathy.

d. sympathy.

Question 8

Unlike Rogers, Maslow did not outline specific ________ techniques.

Select one:

a. holistic

b. research

c. therapy

d. viral

Question 9

Which psychologist created a hierarchy of needs?

Select one:

a. Piaget

b. Kelly

c. Rogers

d. Maslow

Question 10

While Freud focused on insight, Adler, Otto Rank and Carl Rogers focused more on (think about this one, you will have to do some abstract thinking to get the right answer)

Select one:


b. relationships

c. the collective unconscious.

d. hypnosis.

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