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I need someone to write answer few exams questions.

Directions : Your response to each question must be between 100- 200 words.

There must be plagiarism and there must be NO GRAMMATICAL ERRORS

Answer must be well written and explained in detailed

There are the questions!!

1. Using strain theory, explain the coping mechanisms of those who are incarcerated?

11.What is jury nullification? For what crimes has it been an issue?

2. Explain some of the unintended consequences of locating prisons in rural areas?

3. How do the “pains of imprisonment” contribute to the effects of trauma?

10. Why are the mentally ill subject to capital punishment but not the mentally disabled?

9. Discuss some of the recommendations for the use of solitary confinement by professional organizations( hint: American Bar Association , Untied Nations etc)

14.How does the Prison Industrial Complex affect how we punish?( think of the reason behind it.For example, profit driven is the reason we punish people more than wee need too. ( think of lobbying ) Private prisons makes moeny

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