how do social media influence interpersonal communication?

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Specs: Basic Requirements

1 title

2. A second page that contains:

* your updated abstract (a short but complete summary of your essay, in third person) that includes your thesis statement and a brief description of your research.
* a clearly defined target audience statement

3. A main essay that:

  • has one-inch margins all around,
  • has page numbers,
  • uses 12-point font,
  • follows MLA guidelines for formatting and citations,
  • if appropriate, uses headings and subheadings to assist with organization.

4. A complete bibliography in the form of a Works Cited page after the body of your paper. Your bibliography will follow MLA formatting requirements. Your Works Cited page will include citations for the minimum research requirements for the essay, which include:

  • 6-8 scholarly sources, ideally from peer-reviewed journals*
  • 2-4 other sources, which may be scholarly sources, primary sources, or internet sources*
  • 10 sources total, minimum*

5. An annotated bibliography that includes a minimum of eight annotations.

* Not every topic is well-suited to conventional scholarly research—in other words, you may need to rely more heavily on internet sources, interviews, etc. If your topic requires a different basis for research, these requirements can be adjusted with the instructor’s approval.

Description: Purpose and Performance

An argumentative research paper presents a subject and its context, identifies a problem or issue within/related to that subject, then presents a thesis statement (at the end of the introductory paragraph) asserting a particular perspective on that issue. It usually acknowledges two or more sides of a debatable issue and either choses one side or proposes a new, alternative way of thinking about this issue. The body of the paper then uses evidence, facts, logic, and analysis to convince a reader that the paper’s thesis is true, valid, and, ideally, preferable to other perspectives on the same issue. If addressing opposing views/counterarguments seems appropriate, the essay does so in a fair and reasonable manner.

This essay should primarily appeal to a reader’s sense of logic (rather than relying on emotional and ethical appeals to persuade readers), and its exhaustive research should implicitly establish the author as having gained expertise in the paper’s subject area. The paper should be written in third person, and a measured, objective tone should enhance the author’s credibility. A paper that relies too heavily on impassioned, emotional rhetoric, maligning proponents of opposing views, or claimed moral superiority will not be considered as successful as one that relies upon evidence-based analysis and reasoning.

Your essay should rely significantly upon outside sources, which you’ll involve via quotation, paraphrase, summary, and reference. Footnotes are allowed but not required. Your essay should contain no more than 25% quoted material. In other words, at least 75% of the essay should be your own words.

Your essay may operate in several of the following modes:

  • Summary
  • Analysis
  • Description
  • Narrative
  • Exposition

Your essay may rely upon one or more of the following patterns of arrangement:

  • Cause and effect
  • Compare and contrast
  • Definition
  • Classification

Which of the above you use—and how—is entirely up to you, the author, who must decide the most effective means of arguing in support of your thesis statement.

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