forum post 250 + words on someone you think is a very talented speaker. Reply to both posts attached 100+ words each

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Part 1

You have almost certainly seen someone who was a very talented speaker as well as someone with very limited capabilities. Perhaps it was a boss or someone in a social organization with which you are involved, but you have probably seen people who struck you as either good or not so good. What made the good speakers good, and what made the other speakers need some work?

Think about what you have learned from Lesson 2 on speech preparation. Apply these concepts to your analysis. Did preparation play a role in effective delivery?

Please, in an effort to avoid personal values, do not discuss politicians or religious clergy in this forum. This should not refer to public figures on television, or a YouTube clip, but people you have seen in person.

Part 2

Based on what you have seen and discussed here, what are your biggest hopes for the speech you are presenting this week? What do you think are going to be your strengths? How do you plan to prepare and conduct research for your speeches? Also, if you have concerns, comment on how you plan on dealing with them.

Post replies must be at least 100 + responses

Forum reply 1. Jacob

I would rather not continue to talk about the military in my forums but, one of the most flawless and exemplary speakers I’ve had to opportunity to listen to was one of my Troop Commanders. Brett Talkington was his name, he was a very well educated man; a graduate from West Point. I believe that the curriculum at West Point played a major factor in his ability to speak. Given the courses you had to take where very demanding to be an officer in the United States Army. He had a very large vocabulary both good and bad words given he dealt with 89 or so soldiers every day. He could transition flawlessly into any other subject he was communicating about. His posture and presence played a very large role; when he communicated, he had little to no “filler words” his presence that he gave off was very well educated. What made him a good public speaker was that he always knew what he was talking about, even if he didn’t know, he made it seem like he did. I think that’s on of the major key’s when you public speak, having that knowledge of what your talking about, if not, you kind of make yourself look like a fool and very unprepared which goes in hand with our lesson this week on preparation. In relation to the lesson and CPT Talkington, I believe whenever he spoke to us, he was well prepared in advance. He knew his key points, transitions, and the total outcome of what he wanted conveyed in his speech. He was a good public speaker.

I am kind of nervous for this weeks speech to be honest. number one I don’t really like pictures of myself let alone videos. And number two being 6 foot 5 it is kind of hard to get waist and above on the camera. My biggest hope for the speech is that the point of my career choice is completely conveyed to my audience. I believe that my strengths for this speech is that it is going to be my own opinion so having that presence of knowledge will be easy. I can say I plan on practicing the speech with m wife over facetime, cause that will give me the most realistic representation of how it will go down.

forum post 2. Mariah

Part One:

Earlier last month, I was apart of a wedding party where the day of the wedding the maid of honor was still indecisive as too what points to talk about during her speech. She had her note cards with her and I glimpsed at her a few times re-reading them prior to the reception. She scrambled it all together and asked what we thought. We gave her feedback as to what she should leave out or discuss further. Fast forward to the ceremony and it is her time to shine, unfortunately it was pretty terrible. Her speech was unorganized and she would jump from one point to another without any sort of transitioning. She repeated herself on multiple occasions and left out a lot of key elements in a wedding speech regarding the actual couple we were there to celebrate. I don’t believe much time was spent preparing for the speech and she just scribbled some ideas down onto note cards and decided to ‘wing it.’ It showed during her speech.

Part Two:

My hopes for this weeks speech is to be better organized and bring more confidence. I have always been flawed in this aspect. I always second guess myself and my capabilities, it tends to show through while speaking. Perhaps its my fear and anxiety showing. I believe over the years I have improved tremendously on my flaws and I hope that my growth will be my strength this week as well. My research will also be a strength during my speech, because I second guess myself frequently, I research multiple articles from scholarly sources to obtain creditability.

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