Discussion 5 – Addictions

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For each of the drugs listed below, pick one of the drugs and argue why you feel the drug should be legal or illegal. Please provide nonbiased research to support your stance.

1. Nicotine

2. Marijuana

3. Ecstasy

When you post a response to the discussion board you are expected to respond to at least two students in class. Your response in the discussion board should be at least 200 words. When you respond to another student please use at least three complete, sentences with punctuation and grammar.



I’m writing this as a person who does not smoke marijuana, and hates the feeling of being ‘high’ on marijuana. However, there is tons of research to back up that marijuana has numerous benefits for people with all kinds of conditions, from arthritis to epilepsy. The main thing I want to focus on in this discussion though, is the economic stand point. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why we don’t legalize marijuana and sin-tax it like alcohol and cigarettes. States could be making a fortune off a harmless substance. Who cares if someone wants to light up a joint after work on a Friday? I certainly don’t, and in my experience the most dangerous thing that could come out of weed being legalized, is that the frozen pizza section at the store might be a little more cleared out than usual. Alcohol is significantly more dangerous than marijuana, sure, they can both cause long term addiction, but alcohol withdrawls can actually kill you. This isn’t the case with marijuana. Alcohol is responsible for 88,000 death per year, and marijuana you ask? Zero. Alcohol can also kill you from drinking too much, causing your central nervous system to shut down, and this can happen as fast as within five minutes of consumption (Live Science, 2014). On to economical stand points: In 2018 the state of Washington made $319 million dollars off only the taxes from making recreational Marijuana use legal. California was a close second with $300 million in revenue from recreationally legal pot, and Colorado was third with $266 million (Forbes, 2019). If all 50 states were making, let’s say, $300 million each off weed taxes on average, that would be a total of $15 billion dollars nation wide. Think of all the things the states could do with an extra $300+ million dollars a year from just collecting taxes. Maybe we could put the money aside to put towards the student loan debt; in 100 short years we could pay off the 1.5 trillion dollar student debt off using just weed money #weed4college (hehe kidding, 100 years is a long time). Still, the states could do a lot with that money. Just some food for thought, we’re taking about marijuana, not crack y’all. Anyways, those are my thoughts.

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I think Nicotine should be illegal, because it is highly addictive just like drugs are. People have had bad experiences almost like a withdrawal if they have not had some form of nicotine such as headaches, irritability, mood swings along with damaging health risks. I do not think something that is known to cause cancers, that also can leave long lastings harmful affects should be legal. Someone 18 years old starts smoking and could be diagnosed with cancers a few years later or a decade later but why set yourself up for something that may cause some form of cancer. Also 2nd hand smoke is also known to be just as harmful if not worse, so someone that does not smoke can get lung cancer just because they were around someone that had nicotine. So no nicotine that causes health problems and death should not be legal it is way to harmful.

*** My personal opinion*** I don’t smoke Marijuana, Cigs or pop pills… I’m not complete against it, people are going to do what they feel but if you could write something along the lines of that it would be perfect thank you again!

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