Child Psychology practical assignment

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I. Read the short story Grisha about a boy in his early childhood:

II. Answer the following questions about him:

  1. Are Grisha’s motor skills developed adequately to his age?
  2. Has Grisha already formed object permanence?
  3. Is Grisha’s speech developed well?

III. Requirements:

  1. Apply your knowledge about early childhood received in this course to the main character’s behavior and psychological functioning.
  2. Use the definition of object permanence and standards for motor and spech development in early childhood given in the textbook
  3. Express your ideas briefly, clearly, to the point.
  4. Each your answer should have 300-400 words; 900-1200 words in total
  5. Be specific: find at least two episodes of the text for each your answer to support your opinion
  6. Format main statements and key words in your answers as bold face

Book: Infants and children prenatal through middle child. By Laura E. Berk

We covered chapter 1-11

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