case report about Echinococcosis and hydtosois

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The following topics should be answered. Type the question and then your answer under
the question.
1. Introduce your disease. Include other names, history, researchers who studied it

2. The microorganism that causes the disease (scientific name where appropriate)
3. Is the causative agent bacterial, viral, protozoan, parasitic (Helminthes), or a fungal disease?
4. Characteristics of the microorganism
Shape; Genetic Material; Gram staining; acid fast staining; endospore forming;
nutrition requirements; environmental conditions (i.e. in which type of
environment does the pathogen thrive (Ge. oxygen, acid, salt) If your disease
caused by a virus for example, give an overview of its shape, nucleic acid etc.
5 How does the microorganism cause the disease? Elaborate on the disease. Which
system is affected?
6. What are some of the symptoms of the disease? What would occur if there is worsening of
at is the mode of transmission or source of the infection (how does a person become
8. How would you confirm the disease (serum, antibodies, diagnostic test etc.? Be specific)?
9. What medical treatment is recommended and appropriate?
determined about the disease or your particular case study if you choose, risk of exposure, etc.)
(particulars about the patient history, source of infection, reoccurrence
11. Is this a nationally notifiable disease, or an emerging infectious disease?
12. What are some statistics of incidence and prevalence of this disease in certain areas of the world reported by WHO? In the United States reported in MMWR by the CDC??
13. Any other information you might find appropriate for your particular disease such as a case
study (find on and/or up to date research.
14. The last page of your paper should include “Reference page” with resources cited

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