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Sandan Development LLC is a company located in Oman, answer all given questions and write a report about your findings.

1. Write an introduction in which you will briefly highlight the portfolio of the Sandan Development LLC.

2. Do a SWOT’s analysis for the company in Oman. (mention for each minimum 5 points)

3. Based on the results of your analysis in question number 2, suggest an explained action plan to overcome weaknesses (W) and threats (T) of the company.

4. Do a PESTEL analysis for the same company (in Oman) and answer the below:-

i. What are the SME economic factors?

ii. What are the culture factors?

iii. What technological innovations that the SME is using?

5. Write a conclusion in which you will make sure to incorporate your findings

*** The total word count is 1500 – 2000 words.

*** In-text citations and References using CU Harvard Style.

*** more than 5 references.

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