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1.Negative Direct Responses

Discuss an example of a time (or situation) when directness was appropriate in your response giving negative information. Why was it appropriate to use a direct response instead of an indirect response?

2.Company Policy

Often times companies will explain an adjustment refusal simply by saying that company policy did not permit granting claims in such cases. Is this explanation adequate? Why or why not?


Brian Kerry is the public relations director for Billings Industries, a company that has a large campus with beautiful gardens and a park-like setting. Falling Water Sounds, a local arts organization, wants to host a summer concert series on the company’s campus where people can bring their friends and families, enjoy a picnic, and listen to a variety of music groups. Falling Water Sounds wanted to have the concert series in city parks, but people cannot bring alcohol into city parks, and Falling Water Sounds wants people to be able to enjoy whatever food and drink they want to bring to the concert and does not anticipate a rowdy crowd or illegal activity. The goal is to get families and friends together for an evening of music.

Brian envisions families enjoying a concert on the company’s campus; he thinks this is a great opportunity for the company to be a good citizen and to promote the company’s presence in the community. However, Brian decides to deny the request. Discuss at least one reason why Brian might deny the request. Assume the role of Brian and discuss how you would explain and justify your decision.


“If I’m not emotional in my claim messages, the readers won’t understand how upset I am.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement. Why?

5.Writing Indirect Claims

You are a manager at a local financial services firm, Handel and Schmidt Holdings. Your administrative assistant, Candace, is retiring after 35 years with the firm. To celebrate her years of service, you’ve organized a lunch outing to Sawyer’s, a local steakhouse, and invited the entire staff of 25. Everyone in the office is looking forward to the outing, as the last two months have been very busy, and your whole staff could use a break. When you get to Sawyer’s, you are told by the hostess that your tables are not ready, and you wait 30 minutes before being seated. Once your party is seated, the outing turns into a disaster. Your server is rude, and some of the orders get mixed up. You feel bad for Candace and also embarrassed because it was your idea to choose Sawyer’s. At the very least, you feel that you deserve a partial refund of your money. You decide to write to the owner, Bob Sawyer, to express your displeasure.

Draft an email to the owner of the restaurant, Bob Sawyer.

Ensure you have a subject line, a short introduction, the body of message (the reason for the email), ask for a resolution and close the email. Keep the email brief, a few sentences for the body, a couple for the resolution and one for the closing of the email.

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