Written Assigment Research plan

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The live lecture this week will help you find and apply multiple sources of multiple types to this problem.

Complete step 4 of the research plan you began in module 06. This
is the stage where you do the research you planned. Find multiple types
of multiple sources related to the topic. List and use at least two
cases, two statutes and two secondary sources.

Use the Week 09 Written Assignment video and live lecture to assist you. Use your readings for this module and this example template for further assistance.

Answer the following questions:

  1. Which of your planned searches were completed as you planned them?
  2. Which of your planned searches were either not completed, or did not work as planned?
  3. Which sources and methods helped you most?
  4. What did you learn about legal research by planning and then carrying out a plan?
  5. What conclusions did you draw about Bob and Mary’s legal problem? Cite your sources.

You need to use the template included here answer the questions and apply the sources note from instructor the assignment required you to complete and submit the template. The
assignment also required you to apply the six sources to the scenario from your plan on week 6.The attached module 6 plan 2 is the one used on week 6 please use the scenario and complete the template and apply the sources and responses from that idea.

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