Well Fargo Case Study Analysis

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This week we have discussed about perception, personality, joyful work, and self-awareness.

Wells Fargo Fraud Case – materials can be retrieved from:



Please read the case study, watch the two videos and answer the following questions.

  1. In what ways does this case study demonstrate conflict of interest? Explain.
  2. In what ways does this case study demonstrate incentive gaming? Explain.
  3. Although Wells Fargo attempted to curb fraudulent activity with an ethics workshop and change in compensation structure, the company continued to find fraudulent accounts being opened by employees. Why do you think this continued to occur? What do you think Wells Fargo could have done to better curb fraudulent activity?
  4. Many employees admitted that they knew what they were doing was wrong but continued to open fraudulent accounts. Do you think their actions were in any way ethically justifiable? Why or why not? If you were in their position, what would you have done?
  5. In response to the Wells Fargo case, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew stated, “This ought to be a moment when people stop and remember how dangerous the system is when you don’t have the proper protections in place.” He added, “This is a wake-up call. It should remind all of us and firms that culture and compensation make a difference,” continuing, “How you reward people, how you motivate people and what values you hold people to matter.” Do you agree with Lew? Why or why not? How would you suggest companies protect against such “dangerous” systems?

Paper Rubric (applies to all papers)


Student displayed a high level of critical self-reflection and analysis, provided thorough explanations and examples of positive insights from their learning. The student displayed an ability to discuss substantial range of key ideas from the discussed sources and demonstrated his or her in-depth understanding of how this new learning can be applied to real life examples. Arguments are formed in a persuasive manner and show some original and creative ideas related to the assignment question. Writing is free of errors and follows APA style consistently.


Student displayed a good level of critical reflection providing relevant examples to the key ideas learned from the sources and using proper referencing with relevant current sources. The development of argument is logical, clear and concise and shows the student ability to apply the discussed concepts to real life examples. Writing is free of errors and follows APA style consistently.


Student engages in a critical reflection relevant to the topic, but some ideas could be explained more logically and show more particular or original insight gained from the discussed concepts. Some analysis may lack clarity or support with references and relevant research or examples. Writing can be descriptive and should contain more critical discussion on implications and have more support with theoretical concepts and examples. Writing may have some minor errors in grammar or application of APA style format.


Student’s discussion was not focused or based on their own assumptions, lacking critical approach and support with examples and references. Development of argument was not clear and did not display clear understanding of the key ideas from the discussed concepts or did not show the students ability to analyze their readings. Student uses an excessive number of quotes.


The paper can receive a failing grade for a number of reasons: lack of focus and inconsistency with the guidelines of the paper, plagiarism or lack of originality of thought, late submission.

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