week 12D L

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Please answer the following questions about your book In the Time of Butterflies. (You should be caught up to at least Chapter 9.)


  1. What was your big takeaway or what interested you or surprised you the most about the reading so far? Remember to be specific.
  2. What are two quotes that stood out to you in the reading? Why did you choose them? What is their significance?
  3. Is the text successful in reach you as it’s audience member? Why or why not? (Are you enjoying it? Be specific with at least two reasons for why you are enjoying it or not?)
  4. Do you have any questions for me or the class about what you have read so far in your book? If you could ask the author anything about the book, what would you ask them?


  • Your initial response should be about 150-300 words per question.

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