The Temple of Athena Parthenos (The Parthenon) on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece,

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The Temple of Athena Parthenos (The Parthenon) on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, is one of the most famous and influential monuments from antiquity. The sculptures that once decorated the building are considered among the greatest masterpieces of Western art. They are now at the center of a stirring cultural heritage debate that pits Greece (the sculptures’ country of origin) against England (the sculptures’ legal owners). In this Discussion assignment, you will be asked to adjudicate this debate.

You are the head of a United Nations committee that will decide whether or not the British should return the Parthenon Sculptures to Greece. Because there are strong feelings on both sides of the debate, you must be very clear about your decision and the reasoning behind it. In your original comment, tell us what you decide and why. Use your replies to explore issues or other possible decisions; do not simply repeat your own position on the matter.

Review Pages 102-103, 131-135 in your textbook and review the resources listed in the Parthenon Sculptures Study Guide Answer the following prompt with an original comment
and then read and reply (50 words min.) to at least two other student comments.

You must use the information and example form the book and study guide. The point is to SHOW YOU READ THE BOOK.

Please review my requirement carefully. I will send you the book and study guide.

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