The first mini-case assignment is listed as Mini-Case #5: Apple: The iPhone Turns 10, So What’s Next?

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Please download the following link, which is my assignment’s book. In this case, it needs three resources in this books, and other three can be from other websites.…

The first mini-case assignment is listed as Mini-Case #5: Apple: The iPhone Turns 10, So What’s Next?

To complete this assignment: Read Chapter 6 in the Rothaermel text to establish an understanding of the strategy theories relevant to this mini-case. Read the text of the mini-case on Apple in the Rothaermel text. Draft your response to the mini-case, following the general guidelines referenced above.

All mini-case work responses should run in the three-to-five page range in length with the use of at least six appropriate, academic-style references to back up the statements made. Each student who elects not to supply references with each mini-case work assignment will face a substantially reduced grade, usually averaging a reduction of 25-50% of the points possible, depending on the specific mini-case response under consideration. No student should consider him/herself to be an expert and substitute professional/personal examples for any of the required references.

A minimum of six academic reference sources is needed for each mini-case work responses.

A minimum of three reference materials from the current chapter of the week in the textbook (different pages) AND/OR three references from the videos are required. Additionally, three OTHER references are required as noted below. This means each mini-case response will have a minimum of six reference citations.

Three references MUST come from the current chapter of the week in the textbook using different page numbers (citing the quote and/or page number where you found the information). (References from the relevant course videos may be substituted.)

The other three references (and any additional references beyond a total of six references) can come from any source in the following list of external research sources. Note: Use any combination of the references in the list given here for the second set of three references and beyond.

Mini-case video sources included with the current chapter of the week on Canvas.

Additional textbook references from other chapters.

Experts in the field (cite the name of the individual and the professional occupation or reason that this person is an expert).

Other ACADEMIC journal sources on the Internet (NOT Wikipedia or E-How or a like kind).

Newspaper studies or articles from ACADEMIC places like the Wall Street Journal.

Other types of library reference sources.

Notes on Copyright and Attribution:

When quoting other publications (online or offline), be sure to link to the original text (if possible) and use quotation marks or block quotes (for longer texts). In a three-to-five page mini-case response, he/she must demonstrate the use of appropriate analytical techniques, sound logic, and well-supported arguments in evaluating the individual’s and/or the organization’s present condition and/or future prospects. Mini-case responses will be completed across the entire duration of the course.

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