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REQUIREMENTS for 10 minute Presentation:

1. Make enough slides, so that ALL group members will deliver some information. Remember: bring your slides on a flash drive. Make a backup in email or Blackboard. Do not forget. If you are not ready or forget — 0 marks.

2. Include the following information in your slides and oral presentation:

a. DEFINITION: What is the Leadership Theory you are talking about? Define it in easy words — not just cut and paste.

b. SUMMARY: Make a summary of the MAIN POINTS of the TEXTBOOK CHAPTER. Do not include the case studies or other information/instruments/questions

c. VISUALS: Include figures, charts, models if you think it helps your presentation.

d. BENEFITS: How can this Leadership Theory be applied/used by leaders?

e. STRENGTHS: What are the Strengths of this Leadership Theory?

f. CRITICISMS/WEAKNESSES: What are the Criticisms or Weaknesses of this Leadership Theory?


At the top of the A4 paper, Type name and ID of each member of the group

Include the same points (except for Visuals) as for the Oral Presentation. Definition, Summary, Benefits, Strengths, Criticisms/Weaknesses.

Words: Type 100 to 150 only. No long introduction or conclusion. Use the usual format, style, A4, font as your learned in your previous PMU courses.

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