Summarize and analyze 400 words minimum

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You will write and summary and analysis of the two texts in MLA style. You will mostly be using your own words to summarize and analyze but you will be using very short quotes to support your ideas. This will be a section that you can use for your final synthesis essay. I would like four paragraphs of 100 words each in one word document.

For example you will write a third person summary of the first article (100 words) followed by an analysis paragraph where you agree/disagree with the first article (100 words more). Transition into the TED Talk and summarize it (100 words) follow that with an analysis of the TED talk where you agree/disagree with it (100 words) FOR A TOTAL OF 400 WORDS within FOUR PARAGRAPHS.

A) ARTICLE: “The Coming Age of Ecological Medicine” found below this tab

B) TED Talk:

Use this transcript to quote the TED Talk: Van Jones Transcript .docx

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