speech about the benefits of education

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support your view the benefits of education and deliver a five-minute speech to persuade your audience. You need to identify and advocate for a position on an issue with the view to winning your audience over to support your ideas or take action based on what you tell them. Your speech might focus on persuading people social issues or just on any strong beliefs you may have on the topic of your choice. As you prepare and as you speak to persuade, you must meet your ethical obligations to people who may have a different belief. Your main points must be well developed and supported by evidence from your research, which will enhance the persuasive impact of your speech. Creativity is encouraged.

Keep your audience in mind and tailor your speech to them as you prepare and deliver.

You to write your speech in a form of an outline of two-pages or in a form of a full-fledged speech script of the same length—two pages. Be sure your speech demonstrates your understanding of concepts covered in class on the topic. Follow the rubric in your syllabus and develop and organize your thoughts into “introduction, body and conclusion”

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