Research paper about the border wall.

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The paper will:

  • be 9-10 pages in
    length (not including the Bibliography) using a template provided by the
    instructor. This template will be discussed at a later date.
  • adhere to the
    documentation style (MLA/APA) as agreed upon in class for the in-text
    citations and bibliography.
  • written in third

– Sources, Citations, Assessment, and SLOs

The paper must include a minimum of six (6) sources found at the
USF online library. The specific source types that must be included are
delineated as follows:

(3) written sources must be academic in nature (e.g. a journal article, book,
book chapter, or published report). Varied is better.

(2) written sources like news articles must come from a different source, e.g.
an article from the New York Times and one from The Economist.
NOTE: One (1) of these articles can come from class materials found in
Canvas/Modules or Files, even if it is more than 10 years old.

(1) audio or audiovisual source.

you have met these source requirements for use in your in-text citations and
Bibliography, you may find and use additional sources, though only one more of
any additional sources can be audio or audiovisual.


One (1)
visual (e.g. table or graph) embedded in the paper. It cannot take up more than
1/8 of an 8 ½ X 11 page. NOTE: Such a source must be cited in the


or other Open Sources, blogs or editorials (unless written by an expert in the
field), and/or reviews of books, movies, or events.

Citations The
paper should have a minimum average of one in-text citation per page, but not
more than two per page.

The paper will be assessed on the four criteria: Task-Related
Skills, Organization, The Application of Course Content, and Language Use

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