Religion: (family realtion) 5-6 pages double spaced report paper

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REL.Family Relations

As stated in the Study Guide, the student should begin early in the course by reading pages 11-38 of THE BLESSING by Gary Smalley and John Trent. This will provide an understanding of the concept of “a blessing” and how such a technique can be employed in the context of family enrichment.Then during this preliminary reading, the student will then select an individual (more than one is acceptable, but not recommended) to be the recipient of “the blessing.”

Over the course of several weeks, the student will read further and make practical application of the elements of the Blessing, making notes along the way.The objective is to employ the various elements of “the blessing” as described by the authors in such a way as to experience new levels of awareness of the needs and feelings of others and to enhance the relationship with the selected family member(s).Ideally, this should be a healthy and positive experience for both the student and the recipient(s) of the student’s blessing.

Assignment 8 consists of a report (5 to 6 pages, double spaced) of your personal application of and experience with “the Blessing” as a project of this course. Identify the individual(s) you selected to be the recipient(s) of your blessing, and how you went about applying each element for this assignment. Discuss whether anything about the project was negative or uncomfortable, and what about it was positive and beneficial.Also relate how you plan to adapt it to your own family life in the future.

Please note: This is not a book report.It is a discussion of your own practical application of the principles of the Blessing, planned and carried out specifically for this course assignment.

The Blessing Project is based on the textbook THE BLESSING by Gary Smalley and John
rent. This involves reading the second textbook, plus engaging in a practical application of the
principle called “the blessing.” The project should commence during the first week of the course
by reading pages 11-53 of Smalley & Trent, and then extend over several weeks culminating in
a written report (Assignment 8). One or more individuals (family members or close friends)
should be selected at the start to be the recipient(s) of your blessing. This assignment is NOT a
book report, but a report on how you personally carried out the steps of THE BLESSING in your
practical project. Notes should be kept along the way to be used in writing Assignment 8

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