Public relation mini project

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this is a team project, need total 20 interviews, I already did 5 interview, still need add 15 more interviews. The writing instruction is post in the attached file, please check. Only need to do section 1 and 2.

Only need to do section 1 and section 2.

Please read the instruction carefully before writing. This work don’t need to record you working process, but need you to make analysis of your findings.

“Section 2: General findings (the following are just prompts to get you thinking)
• Overarching themes across participants (I do not want a breakdown person by person – this is
your team analysis across participants. This is the fun part.)
o What did they get right? Wrong?
o Commonalities? Differences?
• Observations in terms of how they responded. Level of comfort, etc.
• Examples – include representative quotes”.

My original work is post in the attached file. The writing requirement is post title “Defining PR mini project”.

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