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This week we talk about some shelter management issues related to the access and functional needs populations. Identify and discuss one shelter issue and solution for the following —

Physical disability

Medical needs

Supervision needs

What are the legal ramifications if these needs are not met under current US law

I waan response on this abou 400 wordswith ApA style refrances

post 1


common shelter issue with the physical disability is the suitability of the shelters to the needs of the disabled. Some shelters are poorly maintained and lack basic necessities for the disabled such as elevators and handrails. This issue makes the shelters unfit for use by these people. Others have issues such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens that are not accessible by the disabled.

To solve this challenge the existing shelters for the disabled should be redesigned to fit their needs. For example, they should have zero steps entries with adequate door width to allow the passage of the wheelchairs (Stewart, 2017). The interior such as kitchen and bathrooms should be modified to improve their accessibility by the disabled.

A medical transfer is another issue that is related to shelter. Some of the disabled people need specialized shelters to suit their medical needs. An example is a patient that requires frequent nurse visit for therapy and those that require air conditioning. This problem can be addressed by providing adequate spacing for disabled patients.

Supervisions needs for the disabled arise when their supervisors are assigned responsibilities over a wide area, which makes it hard for them to reach out to each home for the disabled. The workload increases, because of the time that the supervisors spend reaching out to these people at their homes. This problem can be solved by allocating shelters to the disabled around the same place to improve the access by the supervisors

post 2


Shelter is a basic need for human beings (Weiss, Mohan-Gibbons, & Zawistowski, 2015). However, despite its importance, many people all over the world still experience a lot of challenges when trying to access quality shelter especially in times of disaster. During such times, the available shelter often proves ill-suited to handle victims’ physical disabilities if any, medical needs, and supervisor needs, all of which expose victims to life-threatening dangers.

Accessibility of shelter is a major shelter issue with regards to disabled persons since their disabilities make it difficult for them to access areas of the shelter that are not designed to meet their needs. For instance, persons with physical disabilities may find it difficult to access and use facilities provided in homeless shelters (Flynn, 2015). To solve this challenge, stakeholders need to ensure that they construct shelters that are sensitive to the needs presented by persons with physical disabilities. They can achieve this by making sure that all the services in such shelters are located in close proximity, in order to reduce the distance which persons with disabilities have to cover while seeking help. To effectively meet users’ medical needs, stakeholders should equip various shelters with the relevant first aid kits, which can be used to meet users’ emergency medical needs. Finally, shelter especially that used to house the vulnerable population should be made accessible to the relevant authorities so that they can easily monitor and supervise the ability to meet occupants needs (Denby & Curtis, 2013). By doing so, such shelters will be in a position to meet the supervisory, physical disability, and medical needs of their occupants

the responses no more than 150 words

with APA refrances for each response

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