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Find a “meme” that you think is funny. Provide a link to, or copy and paste a photo of the meme, into your journal. Then, rhetorically analyze how the meme works. 2.5 PARAGRAPHS

Some things to think about: how does the meme “work?” Or, why does it work? How is it constructed? That is, break it down into its parts (thinks like the image, the word choice, the font or size of the words, color, etc.). Think about the meme’s intended audience–who is this aimed at, and why would they find it funny? What if you aren’t part of the meme’s intended audience? Does that make a difference?

Further, what are the expectations or rules for creating a meme? That is, what are its “genre conventions?”

Pleas organize your response into focused paragraphs, and proofread before you submit.


Critical thinking…

How do you define it? Why? 2.5 PARAGRAPHS

How have you seen it assigned, or how have you seen it work, in your college assignments and experiences?

Why do you think we put so much effort into and emphasis on critical thinking at the college?

Do you think, in the end, that all of this attention is necessary and valuable? Explain.

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