persuasive speech on drug abuse ( Confuse audience to stop using drug)

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Assignment:The third speech for this course is a persuasive speech that will identify a particular social problem of concern to the speaker and offer a solution to that problem.The general topic should focus on a social or political problem of significance to the general public but you must remember to adapt the presentation to the classroom audience.There are many possible variations on this theme of a “social problem,” and it might be focused at the university, local, state, federal, or even global level.The format for this third speech will also follow the general format of explaining a social problem (broadly construed) andoffering a particular solution to it.Keep in mind that the description of persuasive speaking is that you may advocate a specific course of action (change in behavior, change in policy, etc.), seek to change the audience’s attitudes, beliefs, or values, or refute opposing views on the topic.You may use any of the speech organization structures discussed in class, but the design should (as always) complement both your topic and your method of presenting and resolving the problem.

I also need a power point slides like 6 or 7 slid showing some pictures and few wordings on it because i have to do a presentation on the work and topic.

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