Peer Review Discussion Board

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For peer review, address the following aspects. In each peer review, comment on at least TWO strengths and THREE areas for improvement, providing specific suggestions for addressing each area of improvement. Answer the following questions. This is just a discussion board, so just briefly answer the questions and comment on what you think on their essay.

Main Claim:

  • Is the main claim arguable? (Would some disagree with it? Is it sufficiently clear and focused?)


  • Do the subclaims fully support the main claim? Are all key aspects of the main claim addressed by the subclaims?
  • Are each of the subclaims, clear and complete statements?
  • Are each of the subclaims arguable, meaning they require evidence and reasoning to defend them?
  • Do the subclaims logically support the main claim? (A test: Read only the main claim and subclaims and see if a complete and logical argument is represented.)


  • Does the introduction begin with an engaging opener?
  • Does the introduction provide necessary context?
  • Does the introduction logically lead to the main claim, providing necessary information so the reader can understand the main claim and why it’s important?

Embedding Quotations, Summaries, and Paraphrases

  • Are quotations, summaries, and paraphrases properly embedded with signal phrases, citations, and explanations?

In-Text Citations & Works Cited Entries

  • Are in-text citations and Works Cited entries accurate?


  • Does the last paragraph effectively conclude the essay, leaving the reader with something interesting to think about?

Essay Overall

  • Overall, is the essay reasonable and logical?
  • Overall, is the essay convincing?
  • Are the sentences clear or is meaning lost due to grammatical or other issues?

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