Module 7 questions

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Begin your post with the question you are answering and then make your response.

7.2 – Discussion: Module 7 Questions

  • What is “dumping” and discuss why it is considered a controversial issue? Cite a recent example.

7.3 – Assignment: Review Questions

Chapter 14:

  • You have been placed in charge of designing packaging to ship 4,000 textbooks titled International Logistic from Memphis, TN to Soul, Korea. You have learned that the shipment is intermodal in that it involves air, sea, rail and truck. List some of the risks that need to be considered when designing the shipment.
  • Using the internet or any other resource, research and briefly describe an innovative packing device or method.

Chapter 16:

  • The Harmonized System of classification (HSC) is accompanied by a series of six General Rules of Interpretation. Match the following scenarios with the appropriate rules and provide a reason for your selection:
    • A trombone case
    • An importer bringing in “wine gift sets” (that include the bottle of wine and glasses)
    • An tractor without its wheels
    • A new product
  • Foreign Trade Zones have spawned numerous management companies (such as The Rockefeller Group). Using the internet or any other resource, research a particular FTZ management company and write a brief description on the services it provides.

Please include question when answering and include in-text citation &reference textbook

  1. Supply Chain ManagementAuthor: Sunil ChopraISBN: 978013380057

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