Medical school application

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I need help answering the following two questions.

  1. Medicine and Officership are time-honored professions that unite at “America’s Medical School” in rewarding and challenging ways. What are your thoughts and impressions about serving as a uniformed medical corps officer, and why do you want to pursue this career path? (1500 Character Limit)
  2. The Uniformed Services University features a unique curriculum that prepares students to care for those in harm’s way. Please describe what in your research about our school and its values attracts you to our institution’s mission and approach. (1500 Character Limit)

Please use the school webpage for information regarding the school. Bullet point to discuss: the military relevant courses and the intensity of the curriculum appealing to my desire to work in the field. How the elements of leadership and emergency medicine are emphasized in the curriculum. The ability to practice medicine in any context. Field experience in the first year. Ability to work in crisis and keep composure. I am a 32 year old female. I have also attached my personal statement that was used for my application. You can pull information from that.

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