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Final project. 60 Points. (Marketing Audit)

As an individual project, you will conduct a comprehensive “Marketing Audit” of a health care organization (preferably your health care organization). The results of your analysis will be presented via a complete written report.

Choose your current employment situation or a business environment to which you have access to detailed information. Much of the required information is available for publicly traded companies.

I do not have an organization, I would like to choose Rush Copley Medical Center Aurora, if it possible. If not, you can choose any healthcare Organization at Chicago

***((Credit is given for incorporating material covered in the course)).

The expectation is that this audit will be minimum of 10 pages, no more that 15 pages, this does not include your cover page or references.

The document should be professionally written and in the (((Third Person Context))).

–List the topic heading (see below) and respond to each question. You will have six headings followed by your response.

  1. Overview: Describe characteristics, trends, market share, and competitive factors.

2. Mission & Goals: Describe your business mission and goals and how this fits into those goals.

3. Customer Segments: Describe key customers (segment) and key needs as they relate to your service or product area. Emphasize physician involvement.

4. Service or Product: Describe the service or product and its key advantages.

5. Marketing Strategy: Describe the strategy action match, four key goals, and appropriate tactics.

6. Economic Profile: Describe the economic profile of the product / service.

You must provide a link to the organization that you are referencing for the audit.


The textbook: HEALTH SERVICES MARKETING. Essentials of Health Care Marketing, FOURTH EDITION, Eric N. Berkowitz.

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