Law and ethics in health care

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1.Examine the components of the legal system related to health care including administrative, statutory, common law, the court system, and process of litigation. Also, briefly distinguish between criminal and civil law.

2.Describe and give an example of a liability and a tort (including negligence and liability). Briefly explain the opportunity to reduce liability

3.Define the contract process and explain the procedure for resolving breach of contract.

4.Describe the process of legal incompetency. Define living wills, durable power of attorney for healthcare decisions, guardianships, conservatorships, trusts, medical assistance income trusts, and wills.

5.Identify areas subject to fraud in Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance reimbursement. Identify agencies regulating fraud, the reporting systems, and methods for protecting against fraud claims.

6.Define briefly basic principles of health care ethics.

7.Distinguish among law, ethics, bioethics, etiquette, and protocol.

8.Study the requirements for the types of record keeping required in agency and facility settings. Describe the various methods of maintaing records from a legal and ethical prospective.

9.Identify ethical concerns related to death, dying, and cultural/religious values. Identify ethical concerns related to medical treatment.

10.Identify issues related to unemployment compensation, government regulation of employment including compensation and hours of work. Describe the contents and the importance of employee records.

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