IDT research topics

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This week’s Discussion asks you to once again respond to the textbook readings – this is the last discussion like this. I hope these discussions gave you the chance to think about a variety of IDT research topics that may play into the research studies you may do in the future, on your own or as part of your dissertation.

This week, please focus most of your time and energy on completing the Literature Review assignment. Any good research proposal (and later research study) must be backed up by existing research/articles/studies. Every good researcher knows that good ideas come from studying other people’s good ideas and findings. That said, please find three more articles (for 5 total) related to your research topic and draft a short essay that synthesizes them for a reader who wants to better understand what’s already been done/learned/said when it comes to your particular topic.

If you want a bit more info about what a Literature Review looks like, a Google search turns out some great results, such as this one:

Let me know if you have any questions.

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