hospitality class response paper

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Response papers need be at
least two pages in length (double-spaced), not including the cover page. 12-point font and 1-inch
margins (top and bottom of pages) and 1.25” margins (left and right side of pages) are mandatory,
and headings must be used where appropriate. Points will be deducted for papers not meeting the
criteria, as well as for any grammatical errors.

Hospitality professionals, managers, and executives have a major responsibility when it comes to understanding how facilities impact human health, comfort, and safety while also ensuring the profitability of the business. After reading chapters 1 – 6, do you feel you have a better understanding of what your role will be in the future as a hospitality professional, manager, and/or executive? Show your understanding and knowledge of the concepts learned in chapters 1 – 6. Be sure to discuss how you would use these concepts in your future role as a hospitality professional, manager or executive.

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