(ANALYTICAL REPORT )Proposal to extend California’s AB 1825 to include non-supervisory employees

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Look the Analytical report sample, write the ADVANTAGES OF CALIFORNIA’S AB 1825 EXTENSION TO INCLUDE NON-SUPERVISORY EMPLOYEES base on four-part:

  1. Increase Employee’s Safety:
  2. Improve Work Ethic:
  3. Increase Productivity:
  4. Decrease Costs:

(REFERENCES: use APA style)

( information about my Analytical report:

This report analyzes the advantages and risks that one of the largest companies that employs, Walmart, might experience in continuing with the CA AB 1825 policy at work. This report provides helpful recommendations to address some of the continuing problems.

Pros : Extending California’s AB 1825 policy has many advantages including increasing employees’ safety, work ethics, productivity, and reduce costs. Employee’s feel safer in practices where they are educated on sexual harassment and how to recognize it and prevent it in the workplace. The extension of AB 1825 to include lower-level employees will also help improve everyone’s work ethics, not just the supervisors.Employees might request more time off since they will be unmotivated to go into work and have to deal with harassment, a safer environments boost staff and management productivity. According to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the number of sexual harassment lawsuits has decreased since CA AB 1825 came into effect (leginfo.gov). This means there are less expenses that companies have to settle with employees and logically, it will keep decreasing if the mandated 2 hour course is applied to non-supervisory employees as they make up a larger percent of employees. Consequently, this extension will be a great policy for companies to put into practice because it is a method to reduce the cost of lawsuit settlements.)

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