American History I (WB S121)

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You are responsible for ALL of the assigned readings.
Your responses should be no longer than three paragraphs in length.
In the first paragraph, describe the point of the reading.
In the second paragraph, show how the reading expanded upon or altered your perception of something you learned about in the textbook or lecture.
In the third paragraph, write any questions you had about the reading or something you did not understand. (If you feel like you understood everything then there is no need to write the third paragraph. 1) The Indians’ Old World: Native
Americans and the Coming of European


3) war for North America

4) woman and the revolution

5) File Debate over the Constitution.pdf

Week 6

Frederick Douglass autobiography, chapters 1-3 and Chapter 10-11.

week 7 The Philadelphia Bible Riots of 1844
Contest Over the Rights of Citizens

Week 8

Attached Files:

Week 9

Attached Files:

week 10 Right to Ride: African American Citizenship and
Protest in the Era of Plessy v. Ferguson

did 2 homerowk for week 5 and 9

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