3.Follow the requirements to write 300words answer,

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the following questions in a minimum of 150 words each. Use
complete sentences and correct grammar and spelling. Use APA formatting to cite
resources appropriately.

least one reference required for each question.

1. Healthcare professionals often work rotating
shifts. In your own words, why is this problematic? What are the psychological,
social, and physiological challenges related to rotating shifts? Consider sleep
deprivation, high levels of stress, or side effects from medication in your response.

2. Imagine that you have a big midterm exam at
the end of the week. In your own words, describe the three types of memory
storage and which study techniques you would use and why. Explain the
connection between the types of memory and the study techniques you chose.

3. Select one of the drugs discussed in your
lesson. In your own words, discuss the controversial issues related to the drug
and why these discussions are important in the field of psychology. Be sure to
support your position.


All the work has to be 100 percent original.

Any guides/existing papers you find on internet will definitely not be accepted

Any kind of plagiarism will definitely not be accepted.

Please read all requirement very very carefully and make sure it follows the instruction very well.

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