Three pages paper about 4P’s for product: Infused tequila

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Three pages paper about 4P’s for product: Infused tequila. Pretend you are the owner of infused tequila company. For example you will sell middle price for infused tequila into the marketing, not to expensive also not too cheap, write the reason why you decide to do like this. Also what promotion strategy you will use? how can you give some promotion for attract costumer. Where are you gonna sell them? Some place like pub, bar… Why you decide sell it at those place. Don’t need any work cited just write personal idea as a owner to marketing for Infused tequila.

4ps: are referring to as the marketing mix concept. With reaction to the product Infused tequila drink is that; the product, in this case, is the Infused tequila as it is a product that is tangible. The price relates to the actual amount that the end user will buy the drink. The price of the product will affect its sale in either way. The promotion entails techniques such as special offers of the product, advertising as well as sales promotion. Usually, promotion is regarded as a communication strategy.

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