The paper of World Literature.

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The paper should be seven pages long. It is a research paper based on the poem below.

It is related to the poem <Perhaps> by Shu Ting.

In this poem, the author separates a process of reflection into three parts. In the first part, she lists situations to express possible feelings of loneliness and pessimism. She expresses that people are tiny in this world and perhaps cannot get the expected results in most of the situations. However, in the second part, she writes about some turning points to express that people’s hardship and insistence are all for themselves, but not others, with some invisible good influences. Finally, she delivers that people have no choice to decide all the directions of the situations going on; however, one thing that people need is to keep moving on and take the responsibility.

Thesis statement:

This short, meditative poem teaches us that it the right path through life’s difficulties is to keep moving and take responsibility for one’s choices and actions.

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