speech outline

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write this as though you are a 18 year old boy from california


Your name
Course and Section number
Title of your speech
Notice that the words “introduction,” “body,” and “conclusion” do not have symbols beside them. These words are the headings above the points on an outline. Symbols (I, II, A, B, 1, etc. refer to thoughts). It is important to follow an outline carefully.


I. Write out the first sentence (“hi how are you? is not a first sentence, but you will want to offer a greeting – Good Afternoon). Be interesting, be creative…this means “catch our attention .” You may want to state your name after your first statement.
II The strategy will probably be to mention something about your life. This will then be the lead-in to what you will actually be talking about in the body of the speech.

Specific purpose statement helps the audience know what they will understand at the end of the presentation (it is your goal). You might say “Today, I’ll tell you about my dreams (or hopes, future plans etc). Use language that best suits the goal.

Thesis statement (this contains the three main points of the speech- it contains some idea of the content of the speech)

You might want to tell us

something about your past, your present situation, and your future dreams

three dreams you’d like to accomplish,

how this dream has been challenging

or any other variation on the theme


Main point #1 Use key words only. this means that beside each symbol, there will only be fragmented sentences. This will help you keep on track as you are speaking, but it will prevent you from reading word for word.

Your outline is like a road map; keeping you on track. It is not a manuscript that you read.

A. sub-point
B. sub-point

[Square brackets are used for transitional statements. Transitions are the backbone of the speech. External transitions are sentences that link main points together (internal transitions link sub-points). You want to write down your transition statements on your outline, so that you don’t forget to include them during your presentation. You might say “[now that you know why I love animals so much, I’ll explain the route I’ll need to take to become a vet]


Main Point #2
A. sub-point
B. sub-point

[Once I have my degree, here’s what I’d like to do] Transitions tell the audience what stage of the speech is over and what is now coming.

III Main Point #3

A. sub-point
B. sub-point

I Summarize the main points (restate the thesis)

End on a strong, positive note (offer a sense of closure by matching the introduction)


Additional notes”

You must have at least one subdivision of material (an A and a B) for each main point. You can sub-divide ideas further if needed, but this is the least you must show.

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