Respond to the two peer posts

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1)I would like to ask my IT expert to allow me to input which portions of the customer data I would like to view. As the program right now only prints the name and amount spent for the past thirty days. What if I need to grab their phone number, credit card provider or literally anything else? It would be a major improvement to the system to make templates of what I need printed and able to save and then select from those saved templates.

I would also like a system to remove any honorifics which are “Dr. Mr. or Miss” to remove any complexity from the search, it should be first and last name only. It will make everyone’s lives much easier to perform searches for customer with a first and last name basis.

I would also like to generate and sort customers by their purchase history, how often do they make purchases and how many purchases do they make. This will help in deciding which customers of ours are the most loyal to the company. This will also help in which creating profit charts for


I would like to ask the IT experts to create an input search by name. When a name is entered, it will display ‘name not found’ or ‘name found’. If name is found, it will display the Name of the customer, email, and phone number. The reason I asked for this in particular, so the person can be verified. Many times we call our banks, and they always have to verify that we are who we say we are. Simple questions such as name, email, and phone number, would be a good start. Thanks again for your time, have a safe week!

2 paragraphs for each

In your responses to your peers:

  • Provide the regex code that would be required to meet the task presented. => i will do this myself
  • Describe the relevance of the task: Were regular expressions the best or only way to approach the task? What other data or tasks could be used to increase effectiveness or better achieve the goal presented?

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