Read the chapter in the text and the PowerPoint slides. Answer the following questions in a single Word document.

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  1. Consider the general environment facing a large, international airline headquartered in the United States (such as American or United). Give at least five examples of important trends or events from any of the seven segments, and explain whether each represents a threat or an opportunity for the firm. (5 points)
  2. Analyze the competitive forces in the U.S. beer industry by applying the five forces model. (5 points)
  3. Firms in an industry following similar strategies are classified as strategic groups. Select an industry with which you are familiar e.g. fast good, automobile, computers, financial services, retail etc. and develop a strategic group map for the industry. (5 points)
  4. The sixth force “complementors” are the networks of companies that sell goods and services compatible with a firm’s own product or service. Identify such complementors for the cell phone manufacturing industry, personal computer industry, airline industry, automobile industry, and home videogame industry. (5 points)

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