Read 14 pages case and answer 8 questions.

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You can use any format (paragraph/bullet-points) but I would like to see how you have analyzed the case.

1. How would you characterize the energy beverage category in general, competitors, consumers, and channels in 2007?

2. Based on this background information, would it make sense for Dr Pepper Snapple Group to launch a new energy beverage brand, yes or no?

Even if you don’t recommend a launch of a new energy drink, please develop suggestions for questions 3 through 5 anyway.

3. What target market should be chosen for a new energy beverage brand?

4. What product should be introduced and how should it be positioned/differentiated?

5. Through which channel(s) should a new energy beverage be distributed?

6. What dollar amount for media advertising and promotion should be budgeted for a new energy beverage brand?

7. What suggested retail price should be recommended for a new energy beverage brand?

8. What is a reasonable first-year sales forecast for a new energy beverage brand based on your recommended target market and marketing mix?

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