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1. All the parts of an effective activity plan are aligned with one another. Discuss what is meant by the concept of alignment and how it relates to the plans you write.

2. In what ways does brain development research document the influence of both nature and nurture on language development?

3. Think about the four theoretical perspectives of language development. Use your own experiences to reflect on which one(s) you think is most common in early childhood settings (this can be in the home, day care, preschool, etc). Explain why you think this is so.

4. Describe what it means to have empathy for others. Do you remember a time when a teacher said something to you in front of others that was critical or singled you out and did not encourage others to be empathetic towards you? Tell about this time and how it made you feel. How could the experience have been resolved in a more empathetic, positive way? What might the teacher have said or done differently that promoted empathy toward your situation?

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