My identities are Asian, middle class, female, English language learner. 200 words

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E Assignment: Respond to the prompts below in the box that follows. (1 page)

1.Which of your two+ identities are mirrored or not in the student body and teaching staff? Clarify how you know by including specific references to the number of students and faculty who share those identities, to the extent possible, including OSPI School Report Card demographics and other sources you name.

2.What aspects of your two+ identities are made visible or privileged in this context, or not? Explain how this visibility/privilege (or lack thereof) manifests your observations of classrooms and other school spaces.

Speculate/imagine what assets and challenges do your two+ identities present if you in this school setting? Name at least one asset and one challenge, and reference at least two of our class readings (e.g. Noguera, 2015 and others

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