Issues in Management

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Cover page includes: Title of Paper, Name, School, and Date
of Assignment. 2 references use APA guidelines, 2-3 pages in content in
addition to a cover page and reference sheet. The book is McGraw Hill
Education: ISBN-13:978-1-307-06873-3. You need corresponding in-text citations
for each reference should be within the essay. In one page discuss the four
functions of management and explain why they are important. Discuss how people
are motivated to achieve and how behavioral viewpoints can be beneficial to a
manager. Consider the organizational in which you currently work or identify a
familiar organization and describe the stakeholders that are important to the
organization. How does the social responsibility effort of the organization
benefit the stakeholder? How can the stakeholders trust the company to do the
right thing? Support your work with cited and reference research. Must use
correct grammar and spelling.

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