​HISTORY 3160 Instructions for the Paper

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Instructions for the Paper

The form of the paper will be in the style of a “critical review essay.” 1500 words minimum. No maximum word limit. Standard margins, any font.

You must upload the paper to turnitin.com (in Course Materials outside of Weekly Folders).

You have three different options for the paper:

(1) Select ONE principal text from the short selected list.

(2) Select your own text (please notify me on your selection)

This paper is not a research, term paper. Rather, I expect you to read the text critically

and with attention to the argument. You will then apply what you have learned in class

or through other reading (always properly cite other sources) in engaging the historical

argument or interpretation of the book. This involves:

A. Describe the argument

B. What methods does the historian use?

C. Respond to the argument: do you agree? Why or why not?

D. What are the merits of the argument? What are its defects?

You may also wish to use additional sources such as a review article or an article which

bears on the subject. All sources must be cited and there must be a bibliography at the end of your paper.

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