Final Portfolio Project

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The Final Portfolio Project for this course is a 5-page academic research paper. For this assignment, create a KM program for your organization or an organization of your choice from the Internet. The KM program must demonstrate a synthesis of the concepts covered throughout the entire course.

In this project, you will describe how you would transform an actual organization into a more knowledge-based organization. If you are an actual employee in an organization, then you will likely want to select that organization as the target environment for your project. If you are not employed, you may choose any organization with which you are familiar. This can include an organization of which you are a member or volunteer.

Please note
: You will need to write a “prospective” report that describes how you would go about designing a KM system for such an organization if you were given the opportunity. Your report should address the Knowledge Life Cycle and the four pillars of KM.

Incorporate the following points into your report:

  1. Describe how you will change the organization to be more aligned with what you believe are the top three principles from second-generation KM.
  2. Propose how you will change the organization to encourage knowledge processing and improve the quality of knowledge in the organization.

Use APA format to cite sources and write your paper.

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