Discussion Board 3 Part 1 ONLY

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Please write in third person do not use “I”.

For each group discussion board forum:

  • Perform academic research to support your strategies by finding and utilizing peer-reviewed sources in addition to assigned course reading in the text and assigned library and website readings. Research should be performed in the Liberty University Online Library.
  • Use current APA format.
  • Write in third person.
  • Write at graduate-level quality.
  • List references at the end of each required thread.

Following are the general instructions for completing your group discussion board assignments (topics are given within the modules/weeks):

Part 1

Individually, you will write a minimum 400-word thread discussing the following

(use the following as headings in each thread):

  • Introduction to the topic.
    • A short overview of the topic
  • Three Concepts
    • The 3 most important concepts you have learned from the textbook readings, website and article readings.
    • In the discussion, include why these are the most important for an organization to consider.
  • References – 4 total
  • 2 peer-reviewed references from the Liberty University Online Library into your thread. These references must have been published in the previous 4 years.
  • 1 reference from the text.
  • 1 reference from the assigned article(s) or from the website readings.

Use proper grammar and current APA formatting.

Feedback from a professor:

Also, for the references… refer to APA formatting of those. If they have a publisher listed, it should also have the city and state it was published. If any of your references are from an electronic source (website, database, journal, etc.), it should either have “Retrieved from … ” at the end with the URL or it should show the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number.

Google “Purdue OWL: APA Formatting and Style Guide. This is the best one that I have found that covers most situations that we will encounter. Hope this helps.

In addition to copy and pasting the instructions I have also attached more detailed instructions and a grading rubric.

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