Discussion 2: Use and Misuse of Research Studies for Social Change, management homework help

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There are many examples in the news, and it is important to delve into this deeper from a professional perspective. For instance, one non-replicated study is publicized and spread across the media, prompting the urge for change or outrage, but some significant and relevant details are omitted and the study can be misused. Also, studies that focus on replicating other studies to develop comprehensive knowledge may be more difficult for researchers to accomplish or get funding for, thereby diminishing the appeal for this level of responsible research.

To prepare for this Discussion, review the resources from Bartholet (2014), O’Connor (2013), and Fedina (2015), and reflect on the growing use of reporting on research studies in different avenues of popular media (television, social media, radio, etc.). Also, consider what major aspects of a research study may or may not be discussed when shared in the media, and how these choices may impact a study’s relevance in the field of study and greater community. Further, consider how the concept of research quality can be applied to widely publicized studies, and how the different criteria (credibility, validity, etc.) can be an opportunity for promoting positive social change.

By Day 4

Post an analysis of the use and misuse of research studies for promoting positive social change. Your analysis should include the following:

  • How does misuse occur when publicizing emerging research studies? Explain with supportive examples.
  • What is the responsibility of a researcher when promoting positive social change? Explain.
  • How can researchers utilize research studies to promote change within their given field?

Be sure to support your work with a minimum of two specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and at least one additional scholarly source.

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