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Concert Review Guidelines and Criteria:
The purpose of this assignment is to intentionally attend a live music concert knowing in
advance that you are going to write a detailed review of the experience using the
knowledge and information you have gained in this class. The concert must be related to
the genres we are studying in class. You may not review a DJ!
1. You must attend one live concert during this semester (June 5 to July 3).
2. Acceptable concerts are any performances that involve live musicians representing
musical styles relating to rock ‘n’ roll and popular music. Use the music from our
course and the chapters in your book as a style reference.
3. The concerts do not have to be ticketed events, and may be free of charge. Although,
concerts must be in a venue that is designed for entertainment such as a concert hall,
theatre, club, bar, auditorium, stadium, or, festival etc. Rehearsals, a house or a garage
as a venue, or concerts in which you are performing will not be accepted.
4. Using the bolded headings below as titles for each section of your paper, compose a
detailed review for your concert experience with the following criteria:
a. Venue (must include name, description and location) = 4 points
b. Date (must include the day, date and time frame) = 1 point
c. What you saw (name of the band/artist and the genre) = 4 points
d. Observations and Critique(details below) = 20 points
Provide a critique of a live concert experience using the tools for evaluating popular
music you have learned thus far in the class. You have essentially practiced critical
analysis through your listening assignments so you should feel fairly seasoned and
well equipped as a reviewer as you head out to your concert.
Your critique should include: quality and relevance of the lyrics; quality of sound;
balance of instruments and vocals; talent level of the musicians and how well they
performed; continuity and flow from song to song; energy levels and elements of
tension and release; interaction with the audience; And, your perceived impression
of how the audience received the concert. 3-4 paragraphs expected for full points.
e. Your Concert Experience = 10 points
Discuss your concert experience from: getting to the venue; value for money;
personal interest in what you experienced; what expectations you had and whether
those expectations were met; whether this concert influenced your motivation to
attend other concerts in the future; And, how attending a concert and listening with
a critical ear has affected your perspective on live music. 2-3 paragraphs expected
for full points.
5. Submit your Concert Review in PDF format by 11:59pm, Monday July 3 through the
rock website. Be sure to include your name, instructor and section! = 1 point

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