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Topic: Coke Classic principles of Marketing


This project assignment consists of analyzing or critiquing the marketing plan for an existing organization (non-profit or for-profit) of your choice.This organization should meet the following criteria:

1.Small or medium size organization.Large, well established organizations that are already over studied are discouraged.

2.The organization you choose is of personal relevance.For an organization of personal relevance, it can be any of the following:

An organization that you are currently employed or were previously employed

An organization that you have emotional bond with.For example, you grew up with the corner book store and you know everyone in the store.

An organization that you have personal relationship with.For example, a business owned by you or your family or friends.

An organization that you have special interests in.For example, someone may be a loyal fan of a brand or a store.

Others (please ask me for permissions before you begin working on your project)

This project is intended to develop your analytical and problem solving skills in marketing.

This report should contain the following information.

I.Title page (5 points)

Table of contents

II.Overview (5 points)

a.Executive summary

b.Organization overview

i.Company description

ii.Mission statement


III.Situation Analysis (15 points)

a.Strengths (core competencies, skills, resources, etc)




IV.Target Market Analysis (15 points)



c.patronage behaviors

V.Marketing Mix Analysis (25 points)

a.Pricing Strategy

b.Product Strategy

c.Promotion Strategy

d.Place (Distribution) strategy

VI.Conclusion (5 points)

VII.References & Appendices (5 points)


Detailed outlines for section III and IV:

III. Situation Analysis

1.Strengths: internal favorable factors (core competencies, skills, resources, etc)

2.Weaknesses: internal unfavorable factors (lack of the above)

3.Opportunities: external favorable factors (industrial level, socio-cultural, economic level, competition, consumer trends, legal environment, etc)

4.Threats: external unfavorable factors

IV. Target Market Analysis

1.Demographics: describe your target consumers regarding their age, gender, education attainment, income, ethnicity, etc.

2.Lifestyle: describe your target consumers regarding Activities their like to take on, Interests of their life, and opinions about society, world, etc. Plus, how your consumers like to spend their time and money.

3.Patronage behaviors: patronage frequency, spending amount, where/when their often make purchases, etc

V. Marketing Mix Analysis:

a. Product strategy:

1.describe its product life cycle and which stage your product is in.

2.specify possible product modification, market modification or repositioning, if any.

3.Analyze its brand equity, if any.Or think of ways to develop/strengthen its brand.

If your project is about a service company,

1.Describe its experience or credence property, if applicable.

2.Analyze how the company can enhance its service quality using the SERVQUAL model

3.Discuss the additional 4 P’s.

b. Pricing strategy:

1.What pricing approach will be used: demand-oriented, cost-oriented, or competition-based oriented , or combination of several?

2.What pricing strategy will better fit your business: EDLP or Hi-Lo?

3.What is your desired price point, based on above discussion?

c. Distribution strategy (Place):

1.What is your business’ role in the channel of distribution?If you are a retailer, how would you get your merchandise?If you are a manufacturer, how would distribute your products?

2.Which method do you use for market coverage: intensive distribution (like soft drinks sold in convenience store), selective distribution (like appliances sold in discount stores or specialty stores), or exclusive distribution (like Tiffany’s)?

3.If you are a retailer with stores, what kind of retail location fits the best: CBD vs. shopping malls vs. freestanding site?

d. Promotion strategy:

1.What are included as your promotional mix: advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing, and PR?

2.What factors have you taken into consideration when you identify your promotional mix?


1.Don’t forget to write your conclusion.

2.What is an executive summary?

a.An executive summary is an overview of your paper. Its purpose is to summarize the key points for its readers, saving them time and preparing them for the upcoming content.

b.Use one or two sentences to summarize each section of your paper, such as your SWOT, target market analysis, marketing plan, etc.

c.It is NOT an introduction.

d.Above all else, an executive summary has to be clear and concise in the length of one or one and half page.

e.See an example executive summary on the following page.

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