1.Annotated Bibliography 2.CP Rough Draft

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1.Annotated Bibliography (The topic of this lesson is about food

By this point, you should have at least 4-5 sources for your CP, and you should be working with the information from those sources as you draft your essay.

For this assignment, you will submit a Working Annotated Bibliography of all of those sources: it should be formatted in MLA*, and each annotation should be a minimum of 50 words, with 100 or more for scholarly (and other, more in-depth) articles. Whatever kind of source you’re using, the annotation should address:

  • What new information this source adds to your CP–what does it cover or explain that your other sources didn’t?
  • What information, if any, overlaps with your other sources. Include a brief analysis of whether it agrees, disagrees, or complicates the information from the other sources–what’s the conversation?
  • Anything you found intriguing, helpful, informative, or enlightening–what did this source add to your own own understanding of the topic/issue? What is your impression of the source’s reliability and authoritativeness? (ex: if you’re using a TedTalk video, the style might be more casual than a scholarly article, but you should explain what you found persuasive about the speaker, the data they present, etc.)

*Remember, for MLA format, you will need to:

  • alphabetize by author’s last name or title, if no author
  • use the hanging indent
  • verify the correct placement of all information–see Purdue OWL (link on Syllabus) for more

You should not use bullet points, numbers, or any other system to delineate one source from the next–that’s what the hanging indent is for. Here’s a page with some sample Annotations (Links to an external site.) for your reference.

2.CP Rough Draft

Submit your Rough Draft by 11:59pm on Friday, 4/24. These drafts should:

  • be at least 1,000 words
  • quote, cite, and integrate 4-5 sources, with at least two (2) scholarly, peer-reviewed articles among them
  • include THREE specific questions that you have for myself and your peers; type these questions at the TOP of your draft so that they’re easy to find!
  • include your Annotated Bibliography (aka your Works Cited page with annotations); put these on their own page, but make sure that they’re in the same document/file as the essay itself.

Peer Review assignments will automatically be disbursed on Sunday morning–any essay drafts submitted after 11:59pm on Saturday, 4/25 will not be included. See the Week 5 Module for Peer Review instructions; you will have until Tuesday to complete and submit Workshop Letters for your peers.

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